Bob Magnuson
Chief School Administrator


2016 NJ PTA Principal of the Year

2014 Warren County Superintendent of the Year

2014 Nothern NJ Regional Finalist, Superintendent of the Year


Milissa Dachisen
Vice Principal


NJPSA 2015 Visionary VP of the Year



The Curriculum
Students are exposed to a challenging program committed to preparing them for the future. The district offers a literacy program developed around thematic units of study that address skill development in language arts and related communication skills. Math instruction includes basic mathematical components as well as providing the opportunity for upper grade students to challenge themselves through advanced math courses. Instruction is given in a problem-based approach where real-world situations and hands-on activities lead to discovery of and reinforcement of mathematical concepts. Character education values are infused into the curriculum to help students learn the connection between positive values in the school environment and success in the world outside of school.

The district's programs utilize a variety of methods to provide an exciting, challenging and rewarding curriculum for the students. Hands-on experiential activities, differentiated instruction, and the interaction of all disciplines help the Oxford teaching staff to deliver a quality program to the students. Enrichment programs exist for the academically and artistically talented student. Students in need of additional academic support are served through the district's Title 1 Program or Special Education Program. The Physical Education and Family Life programs stress a problem-solving and cooperative approach to the development of skills and the necessity for lifelong commitment to physical activity. Teachers provide technology assistance and support to students and staff through access to two networked technology labs containing computers upgraded on a three-four year cycle. Classrooms also contain at least one stand alone computer station for student use. A variety of software programs allow the district to integrate technology across all curriculum areas. Spanish is offered to students as the world language component of the New Jersey Common Core Standards.  Curriculum is constantly under review, and is developed in accordance with the New Jersey Common Core Standards.

A low student to teacher ratio, high expectations for students and motivated professional staff provide a positive educational climate and instructional program.