Mission Statement and District Goals

Oxford Central School Board of Education

District Goals
2023-2024 School Year

Oxford Learning Community Mission Statement.
Students are:
      ★ Inspired to believe and achieve
      ★ Challenged in a caring and character building environment
      ★ Enabled to make positive contributions to their community

1.) Elevate student achievement through:
      ● Response to Intervention (RtI) and Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS)
      ● Staff professional/personal development
      ● Gifted and talented programming
      ● Interactive and innovative learning structures in the classroom (small groups,
         stations, workshop model, AI, STEM makerspace, etc.)
      ● Staff articulation and planning opportunities
      ● Comprehensive common assessments/benchmarks
      ● Data analysis practices
      ● Development of the K-8 English Language Arts curricula

2.) Promote and provide modern, efficient (timely), proactive, respectful, and
consistent two-way communication and involvement (such as utilizing email, social
media, parent visitations, board meeting participation, etc.) between the school and:
      ● OCS Families
      ● Warren Hills
      ● Warren County Technical School
      ● Community
      ● Faculty and Leadership
      ● BOE

3.) Ensure a safe and secure school environment through our:
      ● Continued security upgrades
      ● Building maintenance and improvements
      ● School climate and HIB strategies, including restorative practices
      ● Monitoring of character education program impacts
      ● Focus on emotional security, developing social and cultural competencies